The Need Wins iHeartindie Contest!

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  • October 10, 2016
  • I’m very excited to announce that The Need has won the 2016 Las Vegas RWA iHeartindie contest!

    This is the second contest that The Need has won and I am thrilled (remember the Golden Palm in 2013?). The continued enthusiasm for The Need is awesome, and this is really what you hope for as an author; that the word keeps spreading about your writing and that people continue to be entertained by what you write.

    Cheers! And thank you for all your support. And…I’m never going to stop saying this: please leave a review! Reviews do matter. They help spread the word, they help change the algorithms and discoverability of a book, and they provide insight and often encouragement to us authors.

    The Need currently has 43 reviews on Amazon and a few more on Goodreads, and I want that number to keep rising. So if you haven’t yet, leave your thoughts about The Need, even in just a sentence or two, because it will be greatly appreciated.

    Have a fabulous week, lovers! The holidays, with all their frenzy, are just around the corner…

    xoxoxo, Hannah;)


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