Hard Trigger Update

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  • November 16, 2017
  • This novella has been an interesting lesson in why you probably shouldn’t try to turn a short story into a novella. Real life responsibilities getting in the way of art aside, I didn’t think that I was going to have this much heartburn over what seemed like a reasonable task when I first set off over a year ago.

    Going to Palm Springs at the end of August for a week felt like a turning point. I’d finally figured out an organization to all the scenes that made sense and I’d evened out the tone of the novella and the voice of the main character, Victoria. These two aspects had plagued me for months, but suddenly the 115-degree-heat, dips in the pool, alone time away from work, and serenity of a beautiful desert oasis turned on that part of my brain that I needed most for this task.

    I could’ve spent two more weeks in Palm Springs, for a variety of reasons, and gotten this milestone draft completed before my birthday, but alas, duties called and it would take me until mid-October to call this draft good enough to send to a handful of beta-readers and my editors.

    Gearing up to get my hands dirty again this weekend with the start of another draft, I want to thank you all for continuing to support and follow my updates on social media even though they’ve been less than in previous years, and even though I’ve been M.I.A.  on my blog and with my newsletter for quite a while. Sometimes, you have to let go of one or two things to prioritize what you know really needs to get done. I want to thank my beta-readers for being awesome and giving me some thoughtful thumbs up/thumbs down feedback. And I want to thank my two, very trusty editors. You both continue to push my work to the next level; can’t imagine doing all of this without you.

    Speaking of “all of this”, I have been thinking about when I can bring Hard Trigger to you all in paperback and ebook. As much as I thought this Christmas was a realistic schedule, I am starting to think early Spring…March-isch. Hopefully by next month I can have a firm release date…and a hot book cover for all you lovely people.

    Stay true to the stuff that keeps you energized, xoxoxo, Hannah:)



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