You Want To Stay

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  • August 10, 2015
  • A few strides in, I feel her tackle my feet. I topple forward, and as my hands try to brace the fall, the key and chain slide out.

    She pins me, and I try to wrestle out from under her. My hand almost reaches the key again, but her frame is longer, and before long she’s used the leverage of her wingspan to flip me over, kick my legs open, and pin my hands above my head.

    “We can do this the easy way, Angie,” I hear her grunt into my ear, “or we can do this the hard way.” She pinches my wrists together.

    “I don’t want to do anything with you,” I cry out, feeling fragile beneath her. “I just want to go home!”

    Her hips grind heavily into my pelvis as she fumbles at her suit pocket with her free hand.

    She whips out her cell phone near my face. “Isn’t your boyfriend’s phone number 310-386-3988?”

    I freeze.

    “That’s what I thought,” she says, her thumb now scrolling the screen of her phone. “You rocked my world last night. Can’t wait to feel your cock inside me again,” she reads from her phone. “You’re addictive.”

    The sharp exhales through my teeth slow, as a mass of devastation expands in my throat, nearly choking me.

    “I’m about to blow a load thinking about you. I’m dripping right now—Erik.” She lays a heavy accent on his name. “Do you really need to hear any more of this sexting, because it does go on, and on, or are you ready to accept that a little time apart from your cheating boyfriend might do you some good?”

    I thrust upwards, trying to buck her off me. “I don’t believe you! You’re making it up just to keep me here.”

    Her chest sinks into mine, making it hard to breathe. “You came home with me for a reason, Angie. You wanted to learn something about yourself. I don’t have to make up some exorbitant lie to make you stay. You want to stay.” She loosens her grip around my wrists. “You know that craving you felt, and the anticipation, and then when I finally touched you…” Her fingers drag slowly down my arms and sides. “And let you unleash…” She grabs firmly onto my hips. “You know that was just the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much more for us to explore.”

    Flashes of the last forty-eight hours replay in my mind. Watching her dance, the thrill of letting loose with her, the incredible orgasm. But then she tied me to her bed, and those prophetic photos, and the taser…

    “You drugged me. And hurt me—”

    “How do you think we learn about ourselves, Angie? By being comfortable and not pushing our boundaries? By always feeling safe?” Her lips pause at my chin and the smell of coffee is heavy on her breath. “You want to go home? Believe his excuses and go back to status quo? That’s always going to be there for you. But this, and me…if you walk away now, you may regret it forever. What’s a couple more days?”

    I go limp under her. My emotions completely torn. How can I trust a woman who has threatened my life? And yet there’s truth in her words.

    “Whose phone is that?” I ask meekly.

    She rolls off me and sits up on her knees, after grabbing the key from the floor. “Don’t worry—I’m not fucking your boyfriend. I’ve got a friend on the inside who traced his number and forwarded me all his text messages over the last few weeks. After you confided he’d been acting strange.”

    The tone in her voice makes me feel almost guilty for doubting her motives as anything but good—even though I know that’s ridiculous. Her “friend” is probably the hacker she bailed out.

    She offers me her hand. “I’m looking out for you,” she says, as if it’s something obvious I’ve overlooked in my assessment of our time together.

    Still uncertain, I take her hand and she pulls me up to stand. With one arm cradling me, she walks us away from the front door over to her couch. She tells me to sit and then goes into her closet.

    Copyright 2015 by S.L. Hannah

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