Which Cover Do You Like Best?

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  • February 17, 2014
  • The new year has gotten off to a bustling start. A couple of projects popped up for me in January with quick turn-around deadlines, a couple of potential projects dropped in my lap that I had to bid on, and of course, there was the looming goal of finishing the third draft of The Need so I could get my two trusty editors working.

    Sweating bullets that I was already a few weeks behind, head filling up with the typical doubts, like “I have to change everything,” and trying to pry my fingers away from the keyboard before I changed everything, I finished the latest draft of The Need on February 7th. With writing off my plate for at least a couple of weeks, I set off on a mission to create some cover art.

    I read statistics like this all the time: 80% of whether your book gets reviewed and ultimately sells is determined by your cover art and your synopsis. No joke. So basically, all that effort we spend on building great story and great characters can go right out the window if we have a not-so-impressive cover and lackluster synopsis. As much as I dislike that statistic, I have to admit I am part of that 80%. If I blindly walk into a book store not looking for anything specific, I pick up books with covers that grab my attention, and then I flip to the back of the book. If I read something that sparks my interest, I will then open the book, skim through a few paragraphs, and make my “buy” decision.

    I went back and forth on hiring a book cover designer. While I love the idea of working with a pro, I have also turned into a design geek the last few years and really like coming up with ideas of my own. Plus I now have years of experience when it comes to publishing blunders, and that has only helped me hone in on my craft. So…I decided to give myself the first shot at a potential cover for The Need.

    What do you think? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? All feedback is greatly appreciated, even if it’s feedback like, “go hire a pro.”


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