Hard Trigger

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  • May 25, 2016
  • So, a funny thing happened on the way to writing a short story for an anthology with a late December, 2015 deadline…I missed the deadline and decided to turn the short story into a novella. Actually a lot of things, some funny and some not so, have happened over the last six months, but I refuse to digress.

    Reminiscent of my naiveté when I started writing The Need (this will be a quick diversion because it’s already a screenplay and then I can go back to working on my Sex, Life, & Hannah series that I have been trying to finish since 2013), I thought that this story was going to be a good one-month exercise in writing something not complicated. If it got into the anthology, yay for me (new experience), if not, I could use it as a fun teaser to some future book, or a freebie for people signing up to my newsletter.

    Six months later…I really hate not finishing a project and I am really bad at multi-tasking, i.e. I should either write faster or simultaneously be able to work on several manuscripts at the same time, but alas, my brain does not work that way, nor do I believe in scolding myself for real life sometimes getting in the way of my fantasy life. One day I will meet my goal of writing and publishing one book a year. #goals

    Hard Trigger. What do you think of that title? This story literally started as something completely different in my head, morphed partially into a protagonist I had created while in a UCLA screenwriting class in 2000, and keeps taking a sharp turn every time I think I have it all figured out.

    I can’t quite yet articulate the main plot of the story. I don’t even have a good log line yet. Luckily there was a log line refresher at my last LARA meeting, and it was also part of this pretty good writing seminar that I took this past Sunday. All I will say for now is that the protagonist is a badass bitch treading on shaky illegal activities for a living and mourning the loss of her lover. She’s legitimately trying to set the course of her world right by doing some illicit things, and keeping her emotions at bay. She believes the antagonist is her new lover until she realizes they both have the same goal. #goals

    Mind you, I still have 10,000 words to draft to get to novella status, but stay tuned, lovers. This is going to be a good one.

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